Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Keurig B60 One Cup Coffee Maker

Just thought I'd Share... This thing makes a surprisingly good cup of coffee...

In the last few years I've run expensive Capresso and Bunn coffee makers into the ground. I was actually ready to bid on Ebay for a heavy duty restaurant grade Bunn when I spotted the Keurig B60 at Bed Bath & Beyond. It brews the single cup through the use of individual pre filled vacuum sealed pods which you place in the top of the unit when you make the cup. So far the coffee is brewed very hot and tastes great. You press the button and it takes about 20 seconds to brew a cup. I'll see how long I can tolerate the pod concept, but there are a variety to choose from and BB&B keeps them well stocked and the Keurig has an adapter pod to enable grinding of your own beans for use in the unit, but I'm giving the grinding a rest for now. This seems to be the cost efficient way to go. I can drink coffee at any hour of the day, so now I no longer have to brew a whole pot at 9 o'clock at night just to get one cup.

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