Monday, December 18, 2006

While I Was Out - GOOG & ADBE

GOOG broke below its 50 day moving average... but really, this is the classic head and shoulders formation....
Sung to the tune of "California Here We Come...", the tune for GOOG might be, "440 Here We We Come..." I might be inclined to take a shot at the GOOG puts if I can find the time this week.

I did find the time with the ADBE Jan40 puts and they're up 75% today.... I will scale back on enough of those puts tomorrow to make it mostly a play with the "house's money"... and hold the rest and see what happens. I'm a big Adobe product user, but have been morbidly curious to see if the Adobe chart history repeats itself with more volatility (it's been a roller coaster ride the last 3 years especially). Every analyst and his plumber expects 50 before long and that's got me thinking it's time for some good old fashioned profit taking since the bullish hopes are based on future product rollouts that have yet to cause the cash registers to ring. I think it does get to 50, but not without more of the signature ups and downs.

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