Friday, December 22, 2006

A Few Friday Notes

I've got some down time ahead of a Costco run with the better half a little later. Mall lots were jammed by 10 o'clock this morning around the area as many shoppers now wait for as long as possible to see what discounts the retailers will roll out at the last minute. Wal Mart is among the retailing stocks down today. NY Post devotes some ink to its marketing troubles.

Sometimes Wall Street research can be eye opening. Merrill has a note discussing the future of Yahoo! and AOL. The two could either end up merging with each other, or they could seek separate transactions with other competitors, according to highlights of the research report. The report noted that Microsoft could be an acquirer in the space muscling out traditional media acquirers. While MLCO maintained a buy on YHOO, it did lower 2007 estimates citing the recent management shakeup and the outlook for Panama. Regardless of which company ends up doing what with whom, it looks like most who were either original AOL shareholders, or long time Time Warner shareholders, or long time Yahoo! shareholders will still retain the coveted title of.... Bagholder. ouch.

Apple has become the subject of morbid fascination for me. iPhone has been the subject of much speculation, we'll soon be getting earnings, the chart is starting to look shabby, ect. This site: has some interesting chatter which throws the Cingular name into the mix.

A variety of analysts loved the RIMM numbers that were out yesterday, but here again another one that's had a huge run and to no avail... the stock has stalled out today. It has really been an interesting situation for shares of Goldman Sachs, Adobe, now Nike and RIMM. Perhaps the New Year will bring better times for these high flyers, or more consolidation?

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