Tuesday, December 12, 2006

GE - General Electric - Is That All There Is?

In looking over GE's 2007 guidance, Peggy Lee's 1968 Grammy Award Winning Hit, "Is That All There Is" kept playing in my mind. CEO Jeff Immelt forecast forecast 13% profit growth for next year and the company threw a bone at shareholders by way of a 3c/shr dividend increase. Here's a 5-year chart of GE:
GE's shares are going no where's fast. Sure it can brag about being able to weather a downturn in the economy because it's so big, but that's its problem - those wild and woolly growth days of Neutron Jack are a thing of the past and so are the days of stock splits and big shareholder returns. Many pundits say "buy" GE because it's a "reliable" stock with a decent dividend. That's just typical cheer leading and over simplification since even to get 13% percent growth many things need to go just right (see: recent Fortune write up). Good luck, GE longs maybe 2007 will finally be your year.

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