Friday, December 15, 2006

YRCW - YRC Worldwide

I'm up late tonight doing work of vital, vital importance. I am under the gun - feeling deadline pressure like I haven't felt since my days of working in a busy newsroom environment. I'm printing the pictures that need to go into the Christmas cards which have to go in the mail later today (Friday). It's actually my HP Photosmart 8450 that's working extra hard on maximum DPI printing out 50 4x6's of the kids. The quality of these home brewed pictures is pretty darned amazing. Yes, I do realize that I could have burned the image onto a disc and taken it to the Fuji kiosk at Wal Mart and had them take care of it making the prints, but I like taking Ralph Waldo Emerson's concept of "self reliance" to 21st century depths that he never could have imagined.

So while I've been baby sitting the HP printer, I happened to notice that the old Yellow Roadway, YRC Worldwide (YRCW) warned tonight. It's is not a good thing when the CEO of a major trucking company confesses, "the economy has slowed significantly in the fourth quarter, resulting in lower volumes than weanticipated across all of our asset-based business units." The immediate impact was a 3% slide in shares of the old Yellow, but these are the people who are in the thick of intimately knowing what's going on in both the supply and demand side of the economy and they are seeing slowdown. They added that they are not certain just how much worse things will get. And of course, these warnings are like a roach problem. If one comes out of the woodwork, others are sure to follow.

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