Monday, December 11, 2006

Dick Grasso Sells for $3,500

There wasn't much demand at this ebay Auction for a portrait of former high flying New York Stock Exchange Chairman Dick Grasso. The auction attracted 8 bids with the final bid of $3.5k. Read more about the artist at this link to the Gothamist web site in New York City. The Gothamist link gives perspective on the size of the actual work; the winning bidder is actually getting a lot of canvas for the buck. So ha, ha, ha - there's a funny picture of Dick Grasso which sold for some money on eBay. But this reminds of the coming unfinished business between Grasso and the State of New York. Interesting perspective on the litigation was provided in this recent Forbes Magazine Column where the writer makes the excellent point that the short bald guy may be giving back some big bucks, the State AG's office gets more gloating rights while some big and potentially dangerous problems are left to fester.

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