Thursday, December 21, 2006

GOOG - Google Gets Another Table Pounder

In scanning through the this evening, I couldn't help but to notice this entry... Wow, no doubt premised on Goldilocks still being perky and not a tired old hag.

Google-GOOG initiated with a Buy & $650 target@CANT
Cantor believes Google will continue to benefit from the secular shift of advertising and marketing dollars to the Internet and they see no signs of business hitting the "proverbial wall."

It was just the other day that I noted the bad chart formation of Google:

What I wonder about with respect to some of these pie in the sky buy recs is what type of organic growth or otherwise they're expecting out of Google. Perhaps in advertising and marketing there's room to grow, but in the area of traffic and searches, Google may be much further along than officially thought... Which may be good, but then again, not so good if there's no room for further growth. (Here's an eye opening perspective).

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