Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gold Thoughts; Markets Await Friday Employment Data

This column talks a lot about gold. For the record: #Gold up this morning but set for worst May performance in 30 years If that news is not bad enough for gold… it can be measured another way: Gold set for 4th down month — biggest monthly losing streak in at least a decade

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boilerplate Market Reporting; Euro Mess; Weak Paper Gold

Yesterday (Wednesday), the usual market boilerplate reporting was in full force within the media. Stocks did rise by 1%. The best reason that CNBC, as an example, could come up with was that stocks rose on “optimism” in Europe. As usual, very funny stuff. This morning all the “optimists” have apparently taken their “less optimistic” pills and futures are signaling a lower open. It’s the typical uninformed information that investors are regularly presented with. As JP Morgan....

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sick and Tired of Greece in the News?

  • Blame should be aimed at the banks, though Greek culture has something to do with this, but the banks clearly took advantage of the situation for their own gain, or so they thought. They don’t want a nasty little secret to be revealed: life in Greece, where the present PM is an appointed banking technocrat, would go on without the banks. Going back to the drachma and suffering a 60% overnight drop in buying power would be tough, very tough, but life would continue. It’s called the will to live. If they can’t  READ MORE HERE....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

A Profane Market Tirade That Makes Valid Points; Farcebook; Gold

A Market Tirade from the ‘The Fly’
I concur with what is below. It’s as if the guy was reading my mind, but it’s his own tirade.
“You do understand how superficial the stock market is, right? People in the real world, working 12 hours a day to pay for their inflated rents couldn’t give two sh^ts and a gay mule about Greece or the Nasdaq. (They) are the unlucky ones, who for some reason have been targeted by disease, whose only wish is for a “good day” and are totally ignorant to Facebook’s great big ipo blah. Please read more...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Jim Kingsland Show with an expert on Gold and Silver

I chat with Bob Higgins of Certified Assets Management about gold and silver, Gold IRAs, Gold as collateral for loans. Interesting Stuff.

Our Kenyan Born President Obama vs the Birthers

So it turns out I was wrong. The birthers weren't as kooky as I thought now that the literary pamphlets have surfaced. Obama's allies are trying to assert it was a mistake by the agent - right, a mistake that went on for years. Very funny... a big LOL. The anti birthers have been checkmated, but do enough people care? I guess they care enough in Arizona. All I can say is 'good luck' to our Kenyan born president. 
Obama is perfect for the masses who will turn and look the other way. The Kenyan born president's closest supports will be able to take comfort in knowing that the Constitution, to the masses, and its requirements are words from the distant and largely forgotten past. 
Of course, there are some of us who know the story and even the rest of the story. 
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Greece, JP Morgan and What's Really Going On; Gold Bounces

A funny thought crossed my mind the other day. ‘What if Greece exited the euro-matrix and to everyone’s surprise there was economic recovery in the style of Iceland?’ I know, silly thought – apples to oranges comparison. There are so many arguments against even a... Please read more here:

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rebound Attempt Thursday; Gold Glitters in the Eyes of Goldman and Rogers; Presidential Election Year Market Performance


Stocks are attempting to bounce off of support which as noted yesterday was looming. Gold managed to bounce off the lows yesterday and is flirting with $1600. One of the positive inputs for the market is the 1,000 (I guess they are desperate) decline in jobless claims. The trade deficit in March ballooned to over 51 billion. The significance with that figure is that it will take .4% percentage points off of GDP and knock it from 1.9% to 1.5%. Now that’s a vibrant recovery! haha. Read more...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Market Muddle; Tune Me in On The Radio at 10 a.m.; Errant Gold Thoughts

What’s the old nursery rhyme? I see England, I see France, I see your underpants? France is still on the minds of investors – so too Greece. There was no crash yesterday, but market sentiment is damaged. The Dow tried to end higher, but still finished the day a bit weaker with a 29 point decline. Please read more here.

Jim Kingsland Gold and Silver Radio, brought to you by Certified Assets Management and the Delaware Depository. Listen live at 10:10 Eastern time. Link:

Thinking About Francis Schaeffer Tonight $$

A theologian who knew what was coming 40 years before hand.

Readers should further investigate Schaeffer. His full series is on YouTube.

There is a reason for the dignity and value of each individual. Christ is a standard for our lives. In the financial realm, gold is a standard - don't let the corrupt system of today fool you.

From a financial perspective, gold is a judge of the authoritarianism that has allowed profligate spending and money creation to go unchecked. Fortunately, the suppression of the price of gold becomes more difficult thanks to worldwide participation in the gold trade.

Gold and more than a dollars and cents proposition, it is directly connected to the social situation of society.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Election Correction; Buffett and Gold (ugh); This and That on a Monday $$


Election Correction

U.S. stock futures looked scary late yesterday evening in reaction to key favored agents of the banking cabal in Europe losing political contests. Sarkozy of France has been ousted by the voters and members of the Greek ruling parties aligned with the Troika failed to win a majority to form a new government... please read more:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Election Correction or Crash Coming from Europe? $$

Election Commentary
5/6/2012 9:40p ET

U.S. stock futures have weakened as favored agents of the banking cabal in Europe - Sarkozy of France and members of the Greek ruling parties aligned with the Troika - were defeated (as was the case with Sarkozy), and neither ruling party in Greece able to win a majority to form a new government.

The overall meme is that Euro austerity government policies are falling due to an unhappy electorate. The outcome of these elections are seen, as of today, as an indicator of future elections in Europe that could be a signal of the end to the European Union, which in turn would slow global economic growth if the European system collapses.

Is this the real deal setting us up for a stock market crash?

REVISION as of 2300 ET... Not likely a crash, but it appears as if there will be a swoon at the open. QE bargain hunters will determine of early losses stick. At least, it will be an interesting day in the market. Watch gold for across the board liquidation, OR (very important) a flight to quality move. As usual treasury yields are sinking in a safe haven like move.

A Not So Wonderful Thought About $CROX


Is there further near term shorting ahead for this stock? I noticed an informal Facebook “research poll" in the side column where the advertising is. 75% of poll respondents say they will "definitely not buy" $CROX shoes in the next 3 months. The stock broke support Friday in the 19 area. January Gap fill next in the 15 area?

An Ugly Chart:

$$ Bernanke Drives the Art Market; The Fed is the Squid of Squids

As usual, Jim Grant, of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer has spot on analysis – must watch. The Fed is the squid of squids:

$$ Berkshire Gold Assault Continues; Munger Drool

Many of you are uncivilized in the eyes of Warren Buffet’s partner: Charlie Munger: Civilized people won't buy gold

To boil down the Berkshire Hathaway weekend media circus, the company’s earnings were weaker than forecast by analysts (media ignored the weaker than expected aspect). The only headline that had any attention grabbing potential to it was the Munger comment about gold. I don’t hold Munger in much contempt for making such a statement. What would you do, if you were an obscure (except to the CNBC crowd) 88 year old man, closing in on the drooling stage of life? Why, I would come up with some sort of outrageous statement. Good work Charlie, you grabbed their attention and avoided being completely overshadowed by that relative youngster associate of yours – Warren Buffett.

Of course, Buffett also stuck to his claptrap about the unproductiveness of gold vs the productivity of his companies – which still couldn’t meet the earnings estimates bar.  

Friday, May 4, 2012

We Are Stupid Americans

A TV station investigation in Indiana has uncovered a massive tax loophole for illegal immigrants. Our government is so dysfunctional that the IRS has let this practice go on for "years". If an American citizen cheated the IRS out of $14k, they'd be all over that citizen like bugs on a bumper during summer...

The Shaky Labor Market; Farcebook IPO Reflections; Gold at a Record


Labor Market Friday
What a pile of steaming…. well, never mind. Headline unemployment managed to slip to 8.1% in April while in a separate report, non-farm payrolls rose by a smaller than expected 115,000. Again, you need to dig deeper to see some reality. Here’s an example in today’s labor department data dump: people not in the labor force rose by 522,000 from 87,897,000 to a record 88,419,000. How does the unemployment rate manage to fall...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OT: The New Jersey Tanning 'Mom'

The results are in for those mulling a lifetime of compulsive tanning salon treatments... Tah da...

Photo courtesy:

The tanned to a crisp mommy faces a felony charge of taking her fair skinned, six year old daughter (pictured) to a tanning salon where it is alleged she suffered a burn. Tanning mom denies saying she takes her daughter TO the tanning salon for company, but not to tan.

There is a money angle here. Tanning mom could have saved tanning salon costs by merely sticking her head into a microwave for free with the same end results! Zing!

For $1495 you can find one on these on the web to buy and have delivered for use at home...

$$ Jobs; Mint Data; Debt Trouble; Facebook and Goldman


During April, ADP says private employers hired workers at roughly half the pace of February. Tomorrow’s jobless claims data will be closely watched as claims have been trending up in recent weeks and sets the stage for the monthly government jobs report on Friday.

The United States seems like a jobs paradise (basis the officially.... PLEASE READ MORE..

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

$$ Federal Debt to GDP Since the Founding of the U.S.

I was having some idle thoughts about debt and deficits and thought I'd share a chart. 
In this instance pictures are better than words. From the Federal Bureau of Economic Analysis:

A few Fed officials spoke of the potential for the country to go over a fiscal cliff at the Milken Conference today. Lol... Ya think so?

The good news here? Revolutionary War and War of 1812 debt was worked off and the country was relatively debt free until the Civil War (although I recognize that the Bank Panic of 1837 and resulting multi year depression opens the door to a broader discussion concerning debt, resurrecting an economy, etc). Of course, the 1830s was then, and then is then and now is now.

The bad news, the above chart guestimates debt to GDP holding at just above 100% through 2016. Are they kidding? The country is already at the 100% debt to GDP level now with multi-trillion dollar deficits expected  for as far as the eye can see. The brunt of Obamacare costs are yet to hit the fan, to say nothing of other profligate spending policy in Washington. Most with a clue also know that the estimates of future debt growth somehow always end up being conservative when the actual outcome of debt growth occurs in a given time frame versus what the guys with the pocket protectors forecasted 4 or 5 years beforehand.

For now, we can thank our lucky stars that debt servicing costs remain low. Should the Fed lose it's grip on keeping rates low - the denoumont of this long standing fiat drama will have arrived. Carry on for the time being.

Have a Day!

Welcome to the State of North Chinalina

This is shocking and its not some tall tale. North Carolina is now North Chinalina in  my eyes....

Blogger threatened with jail for writing on health 

I can't believe that a U.S. blogger recounting his experiences with diabetes (brittle diabetic here) would get the heavy hand from officials. 

$$ Early Morning Post - Shame on You Journal, My Radio Show


The picture could change markedly by the market open, but I do this early morning Tuesday 5/1 post since I will be doing radio at 10 this morning.  Listen live at: This show that I am hosting at a terrestrial station closer to me pulls in top ratings in this locale, or bedroom community just 20 miles northwest of NYC. BUT, the A.M. dial venue is becoming less significant (unless you’re on a 50,000 watt stick in the middle of a big city). What we’re planning to do with these broadcasts is to repurpose the interviews into web content that can be accessed from pretty much anywhere at any time.

To digress briefly, on our recent trip to the mid south, I plugged my RAZR smartphone into the auxiliary jack of the car radio and used an app to wirelessly receive traffic reports on KYW (philly), WTOP (DC) and WBAL (Balto), etc an hour before the stations would have been heard on a conventional radio. Every radio station on this app is available via smartphone. Traditional radio is going to go the way of newspapers and watching tv using those once upon a time goofy looking roof antennas.

Back to Info About My Radio Show

Today’s interviews include Robert Higgens, the co president of Certified Assets Management International (CAMI). Bob is sponsoring this broadcast venture. He is a veteran of the coin industry. There will be much to talk about.

Maurice Rosen, the longtime editor of the Rosen Numismatic Advisory newsletter will also join the program. His views and analysis of the coin industry are sought after.

Onto the Markets.

The sell in May and go away meme will no doubt grace our tv sets and browers for some time to come. Getting things off to a sour start – China: While official manufacturing is portrayed as growing in China (at odds with HSBC’s report already showing contraction), the official numbers were still short of expectations and barely above the growth line.  As I write this, they are still in REM sleep in Europe, so whatever happens there later in the morning will either enhance investor disappointment over the China data, or could serve to offset some of the Tuesday gloom that could come due to China.  Yesterday’s low volume standoff between the bulls and the bears resulted in a 14 point Dow decline – like watching cement cure.  

Miserable Monster

The takeover rumors spread by the Wall Street Journal and its media friends, family and even competitors about Coke buying Monster are a disgusting example of poor sourcing and reporting. Monster shot up from the mid 60’s into the low 80’s when the Journal report crossed the wires. I can just imagine the screaming hissy fit mode that the Fox Business newsroom must have gone into on word of the big scoop from sister publication WSJ. Blech. Who on the street bought in the 80’s when the stock spiked? Is the Wall Street Journal going to become the next Times of London (they are under the same troubled Rupert Murdoch wing) and earn a reputation for calling 7 of the last 3 takeovers? It was gratifying to see Coke quickly deny any buyout interest in Monster. Monster shares then returned to the mid 60’s. The in your face denial of the erroneous report by Coke (where most companies choose to say they don’t comment on rumors and speculation) makes me wonder if anyone at the Journal bothered to call Coca Cola in Atlanta BEFOREHAND. Yes, there is this technology called a telephone.  Doh!


GOLD and Silver

Gold was down to the 1640s area for a time yesterday, but bounced back to 1665 by the NY close on Monday. That helped to limit gold’s monthly loss in April to just a half-percent. Silver was down 4.5 percent in April (ouch). I did discuss some of the factors at work in relation to silver vs gold in yesterday’s report.
More later!

OT: Vanilla Twilight

Even if the pause was brief, a pause for this crazy world would be beneficial, but of course that will never happen...