Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our Kenyan Born President Obama vs the Birthers

So it turns out I was wrong. The birthers weren't as kooky as I thought now that the literary pamphlets have surfaced. Obama's allies are trying to assert it was a mistake by the agent - right, a mistake that went on for years. Very funny... a big LOL. The anti birthers have been checkmated, but do enough people care? I guess they care enough in Arizona. All I can say is 'good luck' to our Kenyan born president. 
Obama is perfect for the masses who will turn and look the other way. The Kenyan born president's closest supports will be able to take comfort in knowing that the Constitution, to the masses, and its requirements are words from the distant and largely forgotten past. 
Of course, there are some of us who know the story and even the rest of the story. 
Read More: Arizona official may keep Obama off ballot via


Ken Proctor said...

thanks for picking this up, I am amazed how the media has just looked theo other way on this...It IS A BIG DEAL.

JimK said...

Ken, thanks for reading over all these years!