Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Stock Rally; Gold Surge; The Trouble w/New QE; Apple Earnings Miss

Early Stock Rally Potential
Today looks like rally day for this week – a bit like a few moments of comic relief in a Shakespearean tragedy. Fundamentals remain the same this morning as they were yesterday save a few better than expected earnings reports from names like CAT, Boeing and Ford. Overall the U.S. economy is in slight growth, sputter mode; European countries (eg. Spain, Italy, Greece – even Polish yields were on the rise Tuesday) are in big trouble, but for this morning futures are green. Read more here:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Earnings Hocus Pocus Focus; Euro Woes; My Cat’s Modeling Gig; Counterfeit Coins

Yearnings for Earnings
Starting this week and for the next three weeks, Wall Street’s attention turns to turns to quarterly earnings. Capital IQ consensus is expecting a 1% DECLINE in the 2nd quarter operating earnings to be reported in the days ahead. IF the numbers are as dreary as the consensus of ANALysts are predicting, this is going to be a messy time ahead for the market of stocks. On the other hand, there is often a positive spread between the expectations versus the actual numbers and that could usher in a brief time of mirth and merriment before the August doldrums set in. Which will it be??


Thursday, July 5, 2012

You Can Smell The Central Bank Desperation as Support Builds in Gold and Silver

Surprise! The latest interest rate cut in the world of Central Banks comes from the European Central Bank. Yes, things are going so well in Europe that the ECB has flashed this wonderful signal of confidence by cutting its benchmark lending rate from 1% to .75% (as if this is going to have some wonder stimulus impact – a whopping 25 basis points). Very funny, once again. This move below the 1% (which had been considered someone’s barrier in the halls of the ECB), shows one thing: desperation knows no barriers and takes the ECB only 75% basis points to zero.... PLEASE READ MORE:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wall St Rests Ahead of Employment Friday; The LIBOR Banking Scandal and Why It Matters

Happy Independence Day!
The Wall Street crowd has the day off en masse today for the 4th of July. Then, for the next two trading sessions of the week, a boney group of traders will be on duty: better known as the ‘skeleton crews’. The timing is interesting for the skeleton crews since this Friday (the first Friday of July) features the release of the monthly employment data for June. Given the recent data highlighting a slowdown in global manufacturing activity, any better than expected figures from the massaged employment series could spark another day at the races for Wall Street. IF the jobs numbers.... please read more HERE....

Monday, July 2, 2012

So Far The Biggest Banking Fiasco EVER is Upon Us; PMIs Down Globally – Told Ya So. LOL.

Just a day of rally from last week’s developments in Europe? Let me be blunt: NOTHING good will ultimately come from the European TARP-like scheme to shore up Spanish, Italian banks and other European banks. There will be NO good outcome from so called printing, or shuffling of debt from an official bank balance sheet to Frankenstein junkyard of bad debt. Any repudiation, or transfer of debt, or whatever it shall be called comes at a cost and that cost will ultimately be paid by taxpayers via a direct increase in taxation, or through austerity, or both.... PLEASE READ MORE and be disturbed HERE:

Another Jim Kingsland in the media moment

Another Jim Kingsland in the media moment, Quoted this time in this article in Financial Advisor Magazine.... $$