Monday, November 19, 2012

Expect a Fiscal Cliff ‘Resolution’ But… ; Ghana is Bullish on Gold | CAMI

11/19/12.. fiscal cliff musings.. .

One note that I don't address  in my latest post. Don't fall in Shoprite! I am ok, but I have had this muscular problem with my lower legs. Last night both legs gave out and even with my cane I was powerless to get back up, no strength. Fortunately, when I realized I was going down fast, I controlled the fall by falling on my knees (ouch buy they took the impact).  maybe it looked as if I was tying my shoe laces, or looking for something on the floor. There were plenty of people walking by but no help to get me back up. I guess I have to scream help? Even more fortunately my wife and son were not too far away and got me back on my feet. At least the store floor was nicely polished.

Since I have been talking about mostly gold and the financial prudence of having it in this space, I will use this as yet another example of how people are just focused on their own agenda and fail to react to outside anomolies unless directly confronted. Let's hope that people at least become more cognizant of the stranger than usual financial events happening in this world.  This would include a dollar destroying agenda by the people (our so called leaders) who should be protecting the dollar. Just a thought.

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Expect a Fiscal Cliff ‘Resolution’ But… ; Ghana is Bullish on Gold | CAMI

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Terms of this blog

This intentionally obscure blog remains a free service. In particular, you will see no Google affiliate ads as I do not want to unwittingly advertise anything that would actually be in opposition to this blog's general content. I go to other financial sites that may lambaste a certain entity on Wall Street, but then feature a Google generated ad for the same company. I understand the economic realities of life, but I find the conflicts between content and advertising on blogs to be nothing better than mainstream media financial tv channels filled with advertisers with less than stellar reputations (which is most of them - without naming names). I would encourage other bloggers to shun automatically generated ads placed into your blog no matter what the service to avoid conflict of interest, or at least find a way to control who advertises on your pages.
I have a particular affinity for the people at Certified Assets Management International (CAMI) of Wilmington, DE. At some point it is my intention to place a CAMI add on this blog gratis (for free). Robert Higgens, Alberto Washington and the crew are the go to people for products related to precious metals AND CAMI's new and unique Coin Funds for high net worth individuals seeking superior returns. Safe and reliable decent returns have disappeared with Bernanke's near zero interest policy. CAMI is also nice enough to reproduce the content of this blog on their website.

I have seen the CAMI complex first hand. It's an amazing place. Call CAMI at 866-765-3352
The bottom line, is that as of this point, I have no wish to "monetize" this blog, but to be an irritant to financial wrong doers far and wide. They may wear nice pinstripe suits on Wall Street, or in the "City" (of London), but they are merely common crooks at the core, but all the more dangerous since they commit their heinous crimes with seeming impunity as they have effectively managed to buy off governments and thus pervert the rule of law.

You are free to comment on posts and if there is decency and accuracy to your comments, they will be posted. This is an at will service. In other words, if you don't like the blog, exercise the will to not read it. Good hearted suggestions and constructive criticisms are always welcome. If I am dead wrong, or have fallen for a bogus internet report (it can happen to the best of us) email me at jimkingsland at and let me know.

To my many subscribers, thanks for hanging in there with me for all these years. The events since I started blogging in 2006 have at least been an interesting learning experience.

Disclaimer: This blog is not here to render specific trading recommendations and advice since I do not know your tolerance for risk and I am not a registered financial advisor on Wall Street (almost went for the Series 65, but then asked if I really wanted to tacitly endorse Wall Street by bowing to their requirements NO was the answer). However, I do like to expose ideas and trends for you to investigate that could lead you to decide to invest in some way, but your investment decisions are solely up to you. Bear in mind that even new trends and ideas can become outdated or invalidated quickly and without notice in this fast paced world. Your own research is required and must be up to the minute and thorough, if not exhaustive in nature.

Friday, November 9, 2012

$$ Choppy Times Ahead For Stocks; Precious Metals to Be Choppy But Bias Remains Long Term Bullish | CAMI

Folks, I have been away due to Sandy.  We were without power for nearly two weeks and then when it came back on the memory board in my furnace was fried by a power surge. But now the power is back and as of Friday night and $900 later the furnace has been repaired and it is starting to get warmer in the house!

Choppy Times Ahead For Stocks; Precious Metals to Be Choppy But Bias Remains Long Term Bullish | CAMI