Monday, November 19, 2012

Expect a Fiscal Cliff ‘Resolution’ But… ; Ghana is Bullish on Gold | CAMI

11/19/12.. fiscal cliff musings.. .

One note that I don't address  in my latest post. Don't fall in Shoprite! I am ok, but I have had this muscular problem with my lower legs. Last night both legs gave out and even with my cane I was powerless to get back up, no strength. Fortunately, when I realized I was going down fast, I controlled the fall by falling on my knees (ouch buy they took the impact).  maybe it looked as if I was tying my shoe laces, or looking for something on the floor. There were plenty of people walking by but no help to get me back up. I guess I have to scream help? Even more fortunately my wife and son were not too far away and got me back on my feet. At least the store floor was nicely polished.

Since I have been talking about mostly gold and the financial prudence of having it in this space, I will use this as yet another example of how people are just focused on their own agenda and fail to react to outside anomolies unless directly confronted. Let's hope that people at least become more cognizant of the stranger than usual financial events happening in this world.  This would include a dollar destroying agenda by the people (our so called leaders) who should be protecting the dollar. Just a thought.

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Expect a Fiscal Cliff ‘Resolution’ But… ; Ghana is Bullish on Gold | CAMI

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