Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Dell - New CFO

When a company is out of listing compliance due to late 10-Q filings, it's always intriguing when it decides to change CFOs in the midst of the fun and games. That's what's happening at Dell Computer which says Don Carty - former AMR CEO - is taking on the role of Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer. Read the early word here.

The average denizen of Dallas-Ft. Worth will tell you that Carty nearly ran AMR into bankruptcy and resigned in disgrace. Interestingly enough, Carty has been head of the audit committee of Dell as well. Dell has been under SEC scrutiny for its accounting practices and has effectively put the guy who has been providing the checks on the executives WRT accounting in charges of the finances. Kewl. To Dell, in my best John Cleese voice, "Jolly, bloody good show!" This one definitely deserves the Mr. Spock raised eyebrow grimace.

I would imagine that the former CFO Schneider will eventually be leaving with more than just a Dell umbrella... perhaps a lovely parting gift in the neighborhood of seven figures, at least?

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