Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Quick Thoughts on NKE and BBBY

NKE beat by 2c when a special tax arragement with the Dutchmen is factored out, but margins were flat... that's on a $100 stock... ohhh-kaaay. Looks like the Jan95 puts might be a great buy at the open Thursday morning, especially if for some kooky reason the stock opens higher. We'll see what happens in the morning. What can I say, "buy high - sell higher" just doesn't float my boat". NYSE AH trading just plain stinks, so we won't have a good read on the true direction until the morning.

BBBY, not quite Blood Bath and Beyond, but still down 3% for the day after it came up light on top and bottom line numbers. As noted earlier, there was reason to believe that the puts would be the better way to go. Yes, retail IS a tough business.. though I do love my garbage can with the lid that opens automatically, bought during the 3rd quarter at Bed Bath and Beyond. Had I bought 740,000 of them, I would have made their quarter for them.

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