Monday, January 1, 2007

Sirius-XM Merger Coming? Who Knows From This NY Times Article

This is pretty much a rehash from the NYT. They must have given the copy editor the night off to go see the ball drop in Times Square since the report mentions "viewers". Odd also that the Times gives us specifics on XM's subs numbers then gives us an "about" figure on Sirius. And of course, the article doesn't delve into the prospects of when a merged entity would begin to create something called 'shareholder value' (by the way, I hear that if you do a word search for "shareholder value" in Investopedia at HQ of either Sirius or XM the fire alarm goes off and you get a FORBIDDEN 401 error message on the computer screen... just a rumor, tho). Would the FCC have anything to say? What platform would be used post merger? You'll need the phone number of one of the CEOs to get the answers. As one message board poster put it, "guess that's what you get when you ask a grey lady about technology".

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