Friday, January 26, 2007

Midday Musings

-Is CA a takeover candidate? stokes the speculative fires. The website names a variety of potential suitors from Texas Pacific Group to Oracle (ORCL), IBM and even Microsoft (MSFT).

-Interesting that Blackstone's latest offer for Equity Office Properties (EOP) was a hefty $54/shr, yet the stock is trading above $55 today.

-A positive write up today from on AppleTv
(Click Here).

-Implied volatilties for Rambus options have gone through the roof - nearing the 90 mark. The heightened sense of risk follows a posting on the U.S. District Court of Northern District of California's website. In the Hynix vs Rambus case the site said, "Motion for new trial on damages is denied without prejudice. The motion cannot be resolved until after the conclusion of Phase III." see:

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