Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Going To Do Something Fun Soon!

As most of you folks know, gold and energy trading are what I enjoy most. I mean, Apple stands out as a good example of why I distance myself from stocks. They post huge upside to Q4, but then guide lower on Q1. It's just impossible to predict supply and demand with many of these companies. Sure, I recognize that it's not a sure thing in commodities either - just look at what the Department of Agriculture did last week in the corn market. Fall data proved worthless with the crop report figures that came out on Friday whipsawing everyone, especially the short side. But I still feel there's more transparency on the commodities side. I prefer looking at raw data over interpreting the spin given by execs on conference calls, but that's just me and there sure isn't any guy like Jim Cramer and thousands of knuckleheads flooding the commodities markets and screwing things up there, at least not yet.

Anyway, I am going to devise a contest soon.. to give-a-way a precious metal of some sort (sure can't give a barrel of oil away). Perhaps I'll do a contest to have readers forecast where gold will end by a certain date, or something like that. Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks.

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