Friday, January 26, 2007

Quick Friday Night Note

I finally felt well enough this evening to take a break and actually had dinner and kept it down for the first night since Tuesday. I will have a full post late Saturday concerning the markets. I still have a ton of W2 and W3 filing work that needs to be done tomorrow for the non profit that I am treasurer for but once I get through that stuff I will post here. As the old side view mirrors used to say, "objects are closer than they ppear." Perhaps that can be modified a bit for the markets to go something like, "danger is closer than it appears." I will elaborate more this weekend.

I am especially intrigued by the coming Google earnings and will discuss that as well. My trading earlier today was limited to a morning short trade in gold futures (though I remain heavily committed to a long GLD position) and a long trade in crude oil futures with both working out well.

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Kevin said...

Hi Jim...I hope you are feeling better. I look foward to reading your comments on the market later tonight..