Thursday, January 25, 2007

A few Quick Notes

Slo stoh late this morning was showing gold overbought, so i reset my stops this morning and went back to b ed got bounced at at 649 after a very early morning entry at 645, but seeing the price as high as 654. I had been in nap land for hours today due to on going health problems, but upon waking shorted a little while ago. We'll see if it retests $640 again, or if $645 holds this time.... gotta love the volatility.

I had also made the passing comment about nat gas being poised the fall (mostly because of the weather in the next few weeks being cold but about normal)... and indeed it has pulled back by quiet a bit today, but no trades for me there today.


Financeguide101 said...

Hello Jim,

I am glad to find your blog which is very informative about the market. and I like your daily updates about the market. Thank you for sharing your resourceful information.

Jim K said...

thanks for reading! when i am feeling better, i will have more updates during the day.