Saturday, January 20, 2007

How Yahoo! Blew It

I'm a little late posting this.. but this makes for good reading...,72497-0.html

Maybe for Terry Semel, he will one day wake up, ala Bob Newhart, and realize it was all a bad dream - that he was only dreaming that he was this overrated former Hollywood guy named Terry Semel, but that he's really Sergey Brin who just had a bad dream about being a subpar guy who ran this company called Yahoo!

By the way, the Yahoo! message board seem to be back up this weekend. They should either completely make them go away, or put them back up.

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Lauriston said...

I seriously doubt Yahoo! would consider getting rid of message boards. That's a lot of eyeballs- good target for brokers etc. Unless Yahoo wants Google to gain from defectors...