Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Limited Late Afternoon Post

I will pick up with a detailed "State of Play" post after the State of the Union tonight. I've been pre-occupied today with preping for a cub scouts activity tonight on "Staying Safe and Staying Happy". Tonight I will be lecturing the tiger den on keeping the stops fairly tight as a way of staying both safe and happy! Of, course, I am kidding about the stops tonight, but will be talking to the den about a few simple rules for them to stay safe and happy because safe and happy is what it's all about when you're six!

In between prep and all the other stuff that goes on around here, I have been maintaining a long position in gold futures; so it has been a happy day. I did take a good amount off thet table in the ethanol space, but left some there... it has been last year deja vu all over again. Bio-diesel... another nice word and I think it has been overlooked. More later.

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