Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Little More on Google

A couple more analysts chimed in on Google this morning:

RBCM says it would not be surprised if GOOG reports a 20% jump in top line growth, though price movement in shares may be limited by pressure on margins from costs related to YouTube and Checkout.

AMTR says it's expecting solid results and doesn't find shares "terribly expensive" at current levels.

It will be quite interesting after the close. I have a small long call position.
The Lauriston Letter and the Jutia Group have in recent days both noted a flag pennant formation on the Google chart. We'll see what happens this evening.


Lauriston said...


Thanks for the mention. I am a very small time trader, so I feel honored to be mentioned on your post. I read you blog everyday, great work! This Fed watch feels more like GOOG-watch!

Jim K said...

it does feel like GOOG watch doesn't it. We pretty much know what those suits on Constitution Avenue are going to do anyway today. But GOOG is where the real work and thinking to power the economy is happening and that's got my attention. Your pennant observation is a very good one and it sure will be interesting to see if GOOG can breakout of the 480 to 510 range that it's been stuck in.

Stephen Oakes said...


It certainly looks like Google is behaving as far ;)

I appreciate the mention. If you get a chance send me a quick email and we can chat market/equity technicals to compliment your analysis anytime!

Keep up the great work and looking forward to hearing from you soon.