Friday, January 19, 2007

The Link To the Old Yahoo Message Boards

Click Here For the Yahoo Stock Message Boards link. Several folks have asked for it. The boards still exist, but you can no longer go to Yahoo!Finance and access them from Yahoo!, which is odd. Once you get to the menu from the link, you need to manually punch in the ticker symbol of the company's message board of interest. It is unknown how long these old boards will remain up.

As I've thought more about this, it is hard to understand why Yahoo! would just pull the plug on a such a major driver of traffic to its site and eyes to its banner advertising. Yahoo! Finance in particular is one of the few areas in which Yahoo has managed to defeat Google, yet Yahoo! has decided to remove the message boards from Yahoo! Finance pending deployment of a new message board system some months away. While it is true that the message boards have been overrun by disinformation and spam, it still makes no sense to leave loyal and legitimate users in the learch in the meantime. Yahoo! needs to change the exclamation point to question marks - Yahoo??.

The company's shares are down 1-1/2% in late session trading.

And by the way, if you're a long suffering Yahoo! shareholder, you should go to Eric Jackson's web site, Breakout Performance. He has been leading quite a power grassroots, shareholder activist movement to put a fire under Yahoo! management:


Kevin said...

Good post Jim, I totally agree with you.

Jim K said...

thanks! it seems like the twilight zone at Yahoo these days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I find the Yahoo message boards filled with spammers. I don't think Yahoo loses anyting with cutting the message board.

Eric Jackson said...

Hi Jim:

thanks for the shout-out.