Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Overnight State of Play

It looks like Apple Computer shorts may soon be flattened. The Wall Street Jounral reports people familiar with the matter as saying, "Apple is working on a device that combines the iPod with a cellphone, which is expected to be announced as early as today (Tuesday). Cingular Wireless, owned by AT&T Inc., will provide cellphone service to go with the phone, these people say. Such a product would give Apple access to the huge wireless business, with nearly a billion handsets shipped every year. That dwarfs the nearly 70 million iPods Apple has sold over the past five years." Read complete story here, subscription required: (Click here for Apple).

Gold is up a decent $4+ as it seems everyone who was so anxious to move out last week is daintily moving back in.

I apologize to my readers for the limited posting, but I have not been able to shake off this nasty cold, or whatever it is that I have. Some of it has to do with the anti rejection meds that I'm on to protect my transplanted kidney which enhance colds and other problems. I am good for a few hours of work at a time, and then its off to la la land... more naps than my 15 year old cat. All the usual things that are given out by the docs are off limits to me. So once again tonight, I am running a fever and this post will be brief...yes, watch out for those briefs!

Crude oil - white knuckle experience for the hedgies again earlier today, but no implosion below $55 materialized, though it's drifting in the $55 and change range again tonight. Sub-$55 failure would likely mean great weeping a gnashing of teeth for some of the funds and a further accelerated leg down. But having said all that and recognizing that many eyes are on oil since it really does make the world go round, there's a stark reality about the instability of the Middle East. Think what you will of WorldNetDaily, but with the way the pieces are being assembled and the deck chairs being re-arranged, W and company are up to something: (Click Here). The Guld Daily News also reminds about the strategic importance of the Strait of Hormuz: (Read about Hormuz Here). Any further leg down in crude leg could be a dangerous trade and short lived. Oh, and I'm still waiting for a Hedge Fund body to be produced out of last week's massacre.

March euro futures tonight holding to a slim gain of 18 points, meaning it's still above $1.30. A full fledged correction is still on the table, but for each day it's able to demonstrate resiliance, well obviously the chances less for a dip to $1.27.

We noted earlier today that Xerox(XRX)options activity was heavy. It appears that the takeover talk may have some credibility, at least according to Optionetics (no relation to Dianetics, as far as I know): http://www.optionetics.com/market/articles/16447. You will need binoculars, or a good magnifying glass to read the report. All kidding aside, the Optionetics write up is actually well done. Reuters also offered this write up.

I'm a bit late in calling attention to this, but DT at http://dtwxrisk.blogspot.com/, says the major weather pattern that has kept the Northeast as warm as it has is about to flip. His blog is worth a read, and yes - it has enabled a floor in Nat Gas. But pay attention, this doesn't mean we;re about to get buried under 3 ft of snow in NYC. Pay close attention to what DT says in his last two posts.

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