Thursday, January 4, 2007

The Blog Honor Roll

I've got something new in my right hand column, "The Blog Honor Roll". These are blogs that are definitely worth reading.

I spent a number of years in corporate management and hope never to again, but the Breakout Performance blog is an excellent read concerning management issues.

Howard Lindzon's blog is simply fascinating, both for its investing insights and also for its perspectives on content delivery and leveraging new technologies. Honestly, I had no idea what a widget, or a Revver was until I crossed paths with Howard. Howard is the brains behind Wallstrip which you click and watch in the upper right of this blog.

The Options The Easy Way blog gives excellent insights into trading options. It gives an educational perspective. I really respect that this site is not giving real time trades, but teaching folks the pitfalls to avoid and how to be smarter options traders/

Peter Schacknow continues to break that news at CNBC, so continue to check into his blog. and Dave Tolleris... look how the weather has impacted many markets during this unusual winter. If a change is in the wind, DT will be the first to alert us.

Zen's Market Insights brings you just that - interesting market insights. I like Zen's stated mission of using "sentiment to gain a trading edge". For years I have been a subscriber of Investors Intelligence because the more you understand sentiment the better your chances of not being caught the wrong way on a trade.

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