Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Apple and Crude

Jobs at MacWorld introduces iTV and the iPhone, also a widescreen iPod. The stock has flown past $92. RIMM, by the way, is getting stomped, down over $9, on as Jobs goes on and on about what this phone can do, it makes a Blackberry resemble a wooden phone with a crank on the side and the nozzle sticking out of the front (seriously, we'll see how much umph an iPhone will pack for business useage, but they've loaded the thing up for widespread appeal).

The iPhone will incorporate the complete Safari HTML browser and have the ability to call someone after touching the phone number in an email. Jobs also told the crowd that the iPhone has a "widget keypad" for touch dialing. As you might expect, Jobs says the Apple iPhone will be "revolutionary". It will be able to sync contacts from a PC or Mac and include visual voicemail and the ability to skip to any voicemail you wish to hear. The iPhone will have the ability to onnect with iTunes. Apple has teamed up with Cingular to offer the iPhone. The iPhone does not have a keyboard, but includes a stylus. The phone includes 3 "advanced sensors" and has a 2 megapixel camera. Jobs also say new iPhone is thinner than any other smartphone on the market and combines widescreen video, phone and web access using new patented touch screen technology.

But be prepared to pay a pretty penny for all the iPhone bells and whistles. The early word is a retail price of between $499 and $599!!

source: theflyonthewall.com

Crude as nothing to do with Apple, but switching gears

Bears got crude briefly below 54 this morning, now it's back above $55. Could be a short covering rally in the making? With natural gas seeming to provide upside leadership recently (it's up 2% today), we'll see if crude can follow suit and rebound further.

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