Sunday, April 22, 2007

Stop Coming To Work To Save The Planet?

STOP COMING TO WORK AND SAVE THE PLANET, SAY BOSSES... is one of the headlines on Drudge today. BUT you would be surprised at how resistant some companies with arrogant and dumb management are to this idea because it takes their ability to control the lives their employees away from them. Think about that. This is a far better idea than charging elitist ultra high tolls into a place like Midtown Manhattan. Just ask any Londoner trying to get around the special toll zone in Central London what the toll their has done to traffic congestion and air quality.

Thankfully, there are smart companies out there who do embrace telecommuting. I spent the day yesterday with a friend who's an IBMer and who does a lot of telecommuting. It seems to keep both employee and employer quite satisfied.

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