Thursday, April 26, 2007

Raw Screener Data

A bunch of stuff dumped into my Excel spread sheet from my Options Screener today.

There's follow through buying of AMR calls on the takeover rumors.

Folks also can't get enough of calls. High 60's at present post split levels would be $400 pre split internet boom days for AMZN, but no matter.

There's also a good sized bunch who think if WEN can find what its looking for strategically, its shares will rise above $40.

A whole smattering of out of the money Apple (AAPL) calls are also attracting big interest today.

NE has been on the takeover rumor mill list for quite some time.

Time Warner Telecom January options activity is captured a well. It;s the only volume in the entire TWTC chain, calls and puts, aside from 1 May 20 call that traded earlier today.

TRID options also active ahead of earnings tonight, as noted earlier. I'm still not sure how bullish I can be about the HDTV business in light of what's been happening at BBY and CC, but then again there is demand in commercial applications as well so BBY and CC don't tell the whole story. Amazing how the GLW and TRID charts almost match over the last year.

Nutrisystem (NTRI) also pops up, though according to the optionsdoggy website, it appears there have been some large sellers of calls today.

Again, these are not recommendations, or suggestions to do anything, but merely take a look at the system that I'm developing.

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