Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Banco Popular (BPOP)

BPOP posts this evening - the owner of Heloc and exotic mortgage purveyor E-Loan. I have a bunch of May puts, but just for safe keeping, I also jumped in with the crowd again and bought the XLF calls. I'm sensing a blowoff on the way with the bulls intent on sending the Dow to 13k; financials will need to be a key part of the rally. Given the Teflon status of the lenders recently, it may very well be that 13K is doable and perhaps with the help of some buy programs associated with options expiration by Friday. Not to sound like the classic two handed economist, but that bullish scenario is on the condition that nothing blows up in the world, or on the earnings front over the course of the next few days. A big bunch of reports on the way tonight and tomorrow, like EBAY and GILD tonight; MER, MRK, MO, etc tomorrow.

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