Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Narrow Options Screener

I can adjust my screener to look at narrow parameters.

One search today involving open interest of 1,000 or less is interesting:

On previous open interest of ZERO, more than 24k Jan 32-1/2 BMY calls have traded today. A few large blocks of 11,000 appear to have traded at the offer, or high of the day at .65. If anyone can provide confirmation, that would be greatly appreciated.

Avinir (AVNR) June 7 calls have been active- volume of over 11k on open interest of 74. The June 5s are also heavily traded. Unusual 11 Mid-Day Movers 04/18/2007

More than 6,000 Analog Devices (AD) May40 calls have traded on open interest of 240. There is almost no other volume on the rest of the ADI options chain, puts or calls, today.

On this narrow search, only Comcast Oct25 puts come up on the put side, with 10k trading on open interest of 635.


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