Monday, April 16, 2007

The Screener

My options screener has come up with a few interesting items of note today:

On open interest of 1391, over 10,000 Reliant Energy (RR) August 22-1/2 calls have traded.

Sallie Mae (SLM) is being taken out for $60, but the stock is trading at $55. This has sparked volume of over 12k contracts in the Jan08 $60 calls.

Someone remains bearish on Indymac (NDE) puts in a big way. Today 22,642 July 35 puts have traded on open interest of 8800. Large blocks have printed on the offer. It apears as if the player may be rolling a big May position into the Julys.

Another eye catcher is the Cyprus (CY) Jan20 puts, with over 15k trading on previous open interest of 3356.

This are not recommendations to buy or sell, just for informational purposes.

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