Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dendreon (DNDN)

Another swipe at Provenge and Dendreon (DNDN).

Call them Frick and Frack. Read about the latest antics of Drs. Hussain and Scher via the Forbes article. As usual, crappy journalism with NO balance by way lacking disclosure on conflicts of interest of Scher and Hussain, no rebuttal from an expert supporter of the drug and no attempt to get a comment from DNDN itself - just conjecture on the part of the reporter about some cat that's both dead and alive. Reporters, I thought, were supposed to report.

Is this the Scher/Hussain plan: Keep giving prostate cancer sufferers the bug spray they call chemo and let's just completely stop the good faith efforts at trying to get something less harmful to market? We know Scher and Hussain hate Provenge, why is there no reporter to probe them for what they think would be a good next step beyond the bug spray, poison, killer concoction known as chemo?

As to the point that Scher's wife is an HR employee, that could be true, but at one time she did work in the world of high finance: Of course, that NY Times marriage notice goes back to 1989 so it's possible that employment status has changed.

I canceled my subscription to Forbes a long time ago... Their website is a travesty of cluttered internet ads... best to avoid it. I rarely link to Forbes because of the spam-vertising and pop ups, but today's DNDN article is a good spectacle to check out.

disclosure: long position in DNDN.

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