Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Options Screener

Folks, I've been busy further modifying my options screener. It has been time consuming, but I think it will lead to some good things for all of us.

My screener picked, and other services out there, have picked up on heavy call volume ahead of earnings tonight in Xilinx (XLNX) and LSI Logic (LSI). When I bought into these earlier they were about 25% cheaper so I'm not making any recommendations.

Someone last night in the messages asked me about Baidu (BIDU). Hambrect has a bearish call on Q2 numbers, but thinks 2H performance will be much better. SInce it is all about outlook, what good is the call? Hambrecht, I remind you, had the intensely bullish call when earnings were released last quarter which is when the company guided lower. So I don't have a clear read on BIDU. Yes options volume is heavy on the call side up to the $115 strike, but and not sure, so when in doubt, stay away.

Akamai (AKAM) for some reason, just released results at 28c vs ests of 28c and top line just a bit above expectations. The stock is down 7%. Odd, that the numbers would come out at 3:15ish. They haven't even been posted on the IR part of the company's website. HMMM. Perhaps someone accidentally hit the send key at Edgar? Apparently the figures are coming from the SEC 8k filing. D'oh!

My regular email from Stratfor came today. I found this note interesting:

"IRAQ/AFGHANISTAN: Osama bin Laden is alive and is directly orchestrating militant operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, including an attack against Bagram air base in February that allegedly targeted visiting U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, senior Taliban commander Mullah Dadullah told Al Jazeera."

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