Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry, Folks

After my meetings this morning, I took a stomach medication that knocked me a for a loop and sent me napping for most of the day. It not only made me tired, but just completely unable to sit here and concentrate. Some of those meds are better left behind the pharmacy counter, me thinks. I see by the looks of the Dow and other indexes that the it was a very positive expiration as previously telegraphed by high call open interest on the OEX's.

One trade that I did do before the close was to close out my position in Medimune May50 calls... just didn't like the fade in the options ahead of what is supposed to be a big acquisition on Monday. I also cashed in my AXP May 60 calls for a more than 100% gain - another great heads up on heavy options volume earlier in the week from the folks over at I also reinitiated my long gold futures position early this morning.

As I come out of this stupor, I actually do feel better. I will be doing some full posts late this weekend to look at the week ahead.

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