Thursday, April 26, 2007

Options Screener - Trident Micro (TRID)

Today 5,221 TRID May25 calls have traded vs open interest of only 598. Earnings are due this evening. The stock has recently broken above resistance in the 22.50 area, can it make a run for the roses towards the $25 strike?

As the chart shows it's been several months since the stock has been up at $25 territory. This isn't a one way bullish bet. While the May25 call volume has overwhelmed open interest, about 3 thousand puts of various strikes in May have traded as well; that's still a 2 to 1 total May options volume favoring the calls. TRID makes components for HDTVs and digital set top boxes. No recommendation is being made here and I am myself mulling whether to jump in and there is no assurance I will.

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