Monday, November 20, 2006

So, There Is Still A Little Decency Left

Newscorp is pulling both the O.J. Simpson "hypothetical" and its associated t.v. special:,2933,230838,00.html.

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This leads me to wonder why Newscorp thought it could get away with this in the first place. Could they really have been caught so off guard by the firestorm of criticism directed toward "If I Did It"? If so, they are a bunch of dolts - from Murdoch on down.

I also can't help but to wonder whether the entity that was paid the $3.5 mln by the Regan imprint of HarperCollins for the book gets to keep the $3 mln? Perhaps O.J. misses out on another 15 minutes of fame with his book being pulled, but his family, or whomever was going to reap the financial rewards of the book may still end up quite a bit wealthier.

And one other question, what happens to all of the copies of the book now sitting in warehouses? At least 200,000 copies had to have been printed for next week's release. If there ever was a good reason for a mass book burning, "If I Did It" would be it.

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