Monday, November 27, 2006

Apple - Think Raises Target to $110

THNK raised its price target on Apple from $100 to $110 citing strong Black Friday sales. It is probably all true, and we've heard about brisk sales of the Ipod-shuffle. But we're not biting for a bullish play. With RSI over 75, the stock is looking over extended. We have picked up the Dec90 puts for a purely technical play with a short term stock price move to $90.

GOOG - we were finally stopped out of the Dec510 calls. We'll come back another day.

Natural Gas - I put a tight stop in this morning and it was taken out for what ended up being a small loss - in at $8.28 and out at $8.25 (a loss of about $150 per contract). I just didn't like its inability to hold above $8.35 and crude oil's inability to hold above $60.

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