Friday, February 9, 2007


The Volatility Index has managed to break above 11 today - whoo hoo!

What's more interesting is that the options players are betting that things are going to get more volatile in the future. In looking at the most active options today. The Nov 25 VIX call volume has totaled more than 53k today on open interest of 29k. A 25 VIX? That would be something. Another VIX call that pops up on the most active is the March 18 where more than 20k have changed hands. That's interesting given that March expiration is only about 6 weeks away.

One other note, with crude oil back above $60, not a great surprise the XLE calls dominate the most active list of options today as well. The XLE (Energy Select Sector SPDR) March 61 call is the most active call on volume of 69k contracts, though the XLE is about a half point lower.


Lauriston said...

interesting about the VIX expectations. I for one will welcome higher volatility if it means movement from week to week both up and down. That narrow range of the last 2 weeks was "opportunity-less" not good for trades. Today was good for bears, i have been one for 2 weeks. I hope next week is even more exciting.

OptionPundit said...

bear call spread or a backspread could be an interesting idea to play...cheers.

Bill Luby said...

optionpundit, I was thinking along the same lines...and wondering if the call activity Jim referenced was someone already working those ideas.

Good trading and nice work here Jim,