Wednesday, February 21, 2007


$682 - if you do a search in the box above... cheers! The vacation is going great. I could get used to not blogging. lol.

I love the scenario all the more that a further run in the major stock indices is coming, because it will only lead to a bigger snapping of the big rubber band once what's going on out there catches up to the stock market. If anyone's left scrathing their head about what I mean WRT "what's going on out there" best to close the Cramer Scottrade account and open a passbook savings account.

Anyone who's been paying attention to what has moved gold from the $250s to the present levels knows that today's CPI is but a small factor behind today's rally in gold... a good catalyst to light a powder keg of far greater reasons which continue to ignite gold. I also don't think it's a coincidence that Novastar went from Red giant to black hole last night. Clearly growing credit risk and the set of problems that would present also give investors reason to throw some money at gold - not to mention the geopolitical events of our times. remains the place to go for complete gold information and commentary. If there's any bit of good I hope this blog has accomplished, as I consider its future, is that I have driven a good amount of folks over to Jim Sinclair's site to gain real understanding in how to navigate what will be financial times like none of us have never known.

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