Thursday, February 15, 2007

Natural Gas and a Few Other Notes

EIA reports a 259 Bcf withdrawal from storage last week, above the expected 245 Bcf, but we had been bracing for something worse and it didn't show up. And down she goes! Nat gas heading for $7 per decatherm.

Also NOAA saying the cold won't last through the end of March, which is what has been said on this blog for the last several days.

BIDU holding to a loss of about 10%... interesting that March put options premium sank a bit in the first hour as the stock bounced to $104 (and as implied volatility deflated following earnings), but premiums have creeped back... no doubt in my mind that after expiration the stock goes to below $100... probably next week - much like the pattern last July.

I am going to be away for a while today... getting ready for a week's vacation starting this Saturday! I promised my wife that once I "retired" we'd do more traveling - so it starts next week.

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