Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Greeny Gives the All Clear On The Housing Market!

We Can All Breathe A Sigh of Relief!!

Well maybe not quite the all clear, but we haven't even gotten to the bad builders loans stage yet and Alan says the worst seems to over. Oy.


Lauriston said...

It's over even before it starts! LOL

Jim K said...

for crying out loud, Greeny, let;s see the FDIC data that comes out on Feb 22nd for clues on the banking industry. sheesh.

Mike said...

Merril and the gangs are ut pumping the subprimes today and tonight. All I can say is wow. Analysts must think the CDS is the cured all for all the potential crisis looming in the housing sectors. A note from ML sating that CFC will be fine because they have sufficient insurance for the potential crisis. This whole housing market is like Alice in Wonderland. Down is UP;Bad is Good!!!