Tuesday, February 13, 2007

DT Issues His Final Call: 1" to 4" for NY Metro

He's calling for historic snows in northern NY, along with VT, NH and PA - 1 to 2 feet. DT sees just 1 to 4 inches with a rain changeover at the coastal plain meaning no major weather related disruptions for Wall Street tomorrow.

DTWXRISK: at http://www.wxrisk.com
DT's forecast map: http://www.wxrisk.com/Meteorology/Verification/2006-07/FEB13/Lastcall.jpg

This guy knows his stuff. If you look closely at his map, you'll realize that he recognizes the topogrpahy of the suburban NY area well enough to deliniate the difference in snow amounts between between being south of the Ramapo pass and being north of it. This from a forecaster who lives in Virginia!

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