Monday, February 12, 2007

Morning Market Comment

There's not a heck of alot to add to what I've already talked about on Sunday. I'm watching to see whether the bears can keep QQQQ below the 50 day and whether they will be able to bring the S&P toward that mark as well.

Subprime has been interesting to watch. JMP today rates Accredited Home Lenders with an Outperform, calling it "best of breed" in the sector. LEND is still down 2% along with NFI. NEW is down an uglier 4% following the negative Barron's article.

I am running behind this morning, had to help the wife this morning with some business related matters. HD, BMY, AAPL among other stocks in the news... Marketwatch summary.

I moved out of my long gold futures position last night not long after trading started... will take a breather and look to buy on dip, or short on signs of further retest but bullish argument remains intact.

10 yr treasury is down 2 ticks. does a great job discussing VIX spike on Friday. We've seen many spikes to the top of the range. What got me a little more interesting was the extreme options activity on Friday.

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