Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Microsoft Vista (MSFT)

Here's my advice about Windows Vista. If you are thinking about upgrading your computer to it, DON'T. In the language of the King James Version of the Bible - SEE THOU DO IT NOT! Wait to use Vista when you buy a new computer! And perhaps, the better advice, avoid Vista altogether and buy a Mac. It's not worth the hassle to upgrade your old machine, even if it is fairly new. I spent hours last night and early this morning recovering from a total computer crash due to an installation of Vista that just stopped about half way through. And to give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt, I tried to re-install it a 2nd time, but to no avail. Stepping on thumb tacks while slipping razor blades between my toes, while also drinking turpentine with crushed iced and having my forehead rubbed hard with course #30 sand paper would have been more fun than the Vista experience. (Don't you hate it when step on those thumb tacks? I hate when that happens!!).

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are to be congratulated for concocting what amounts to a scheme to mass mug people out of $170 each by providing what turns out to be trashy software that can kill your computer during installation. Don't fall for it, don't put more money into the pockets of those bums Gates and Franken-Ballmer. Just WAIT until the kinks are worked out... which means WAIT at least a year. If Gates and Ballmer were the guys who come to take care of my lawn, they would have been over and would have killed my lawn and still charged me, but promise to come back in a year with a "service pack" that would reverse the damage.

Some have had no trouble loading, while others have. Vista installation woes seem to be random and unpredictable. A number of companies have advised their people to avoid loading Vista into company issued machines, or even personal machines because of the possibility of incompatibility with corporate systems. MSFT was under the gun to get this thing out, but it was clearly not ready for primetime. This would be like a major drug company rushing a drug through phase III, releasing it and then killing a bunch of people. Thank pitch forks and pointed ears (since that's what I think of when I think of Gates and Ballmer) that MSFT is not a drug company!

I've been there early for all the big updates of Windows in the past. Hands down, Vista is the worst upgrade experience I've ever had; loading Windows 3.1 with the 14 diskettes or whatever it was, was a better experience. I've got a media center PC here with dual core Pentium and a couple of gigs of memory - the works; so the machine wasn't deficient. I also took the precaution of partitioning the drive so that Vista would be installed to pristine sectors, etc. All of those measures, and being advised by the Vista advisor that my pc made the grade, made no difference; it was DOA - a black screen with a rapidly blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner and nothing more.

By the way, it's clear that Gates is yet another celebrity chump who has sunk to creating his own reality of what's right and wrong. I'm not the only one who has noticed Gates' disconnect with the masses. MacWorld writer Peter Cohen has written an excellent article, "Bill Gates loses his grip on reality". Sure, Cohen is on the side of the enemy, but his analysis of the recent Newsweek interview of Gates is spot on. Gates is lying, or delusional when he says Microsoft has been the innovator filched by Apple. No way that Microshaft is the innovator, not when I can't load their crappy Vista OS on to my computer without it turning into a complete debacle.


Lauriston said...

I wonder if the investors who dumped the stock today (to the tune of 2.5% down at one point) had similar experiences to yours. Oh wait, they dumped last Thursday and Friday too...

Tom said...

What were you thinkin/smokin?
Always wait.

Jim K said...

i know... nutty wasn't it!

Lauriston, didn't Vista sales go live on Thurs? underwhelming situation for MSFT... sell the news.

Anonymous said...

Why wait or waste (more) money buying a Mac ? You can get a *much* better operating system here:


and it's free !

Jim K said...

thanks.. i will check it out.

Blain Reinkensmeyer said...


Did you try installing Vista on a fresh new harddrive? People were having problems installing it on their current harddrives when they partitioned out a new letter bc of XP still installed on C. It would make Vista installed on E, F, whatever. When installing on the same harddrive as XP, the recommendation I read was to put it on C as well, so that way everything stays in order for all your kernel files. And, when you boot up you simply will get asked if you want to run Vista or XP. With the setup you apparently have, installing on a 2nd harddrive should work fine. If not, you are one of the unlucky bunch!

Jim K said...

Blain, that's probably what happened with me. But here's the rub. I beta tested Vista on a different machine and ran into loading problems as well, loading it on to the C drive with XP, so i thought that I would try a different approach by partitioning the drive, but it ended up being the same problem as the beta testing issue. So I h ave no one to blame but me. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me once, shame on me... i should hav eknown MSFT would not have made any major fixes from whatever beta version I used to the product in the store.

Anonymous said...

If you have run the compatibility suit and found that it accepts that your machine is compatible, you have every right to sue Microsoft for the damage it has caused you. If you have lost your photos or any critical piece of information I think you should take Mr. Gates into the court and get some money from him. Better still make him give some to the users already bought Vista.

What I am unhappy (who cares anyway) about is that Fista is so expensive bloatware that
a) Hoggs Memory
b) Hoggs Hard Disk
c) Invites all kind of Viruses
d) Generates a lot of Traffic in
the network either local or on
the internet
e) It spies on your computer