Sunday, February 11, 2007

Is There Any Wonder Gold Is At $671?

I've covered gold for years and it's been interesting to watch it rise lately even as the dollar has been trapped in a box. Kevin's Market Blog has noted gold's ability to make headway even as the dollar has stalled. Indeed, just imagine what gold could do if the dollar started to break down again. What's more, Trader Dan at offers up some great commentary on COT situation in gold looking very good for the bulls.

Geopolitics also plays a big role:

The verbal attacks from W's good pal Vlad get harsher by the day.
Meantime, the Administraton continues to build a case against Iran.
This as Ahmedinedjad says Iran's nuclear program will continue.

The combination of bullish commodities plays last week and bearish stock options picks in subprime and assorted techs kept the returns rolling in; let's just hope civilization is around long enough for those tuned into these trends to enjoy the trading profits over the long term and to help make the world a better place.

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