Monday, February 12, 2007

Firefox 2.0 vs. Internet Explorer

I don't know about you, but I can't load my own blog with Microshaft Internet Explorer this evening. It does, however, come up just fine with Mozilla Firefox.

I do not like Microsoft Internet Explorer
I do not like it in a house.
I do not like it with a wireless mouse.
I do not like IE here or there.
I do not like IE anywhere.
I do not like Internet Exploer.
I do not like IE, Jim Kingsland-I-am.

To the right is a button that enables you to download Mozilla, i think i also get 5-cents if you click that button, so if you don't want to have me compensated, that's fine, just do a "firefox" search in your search engine and it will come up. Firefox is a faster browser than Internet Explorer and you won't have the problems that you may be experiencing with Internet Explorer AND you won't be helping to make Bill Gates undeservedly richer.