Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Evening State of Play

There's plenty to read and consider in my earlier posts about the rash of bad subprime news that's come out since the sounding of the closing bell. I'll leave it at that tonight. Good night.


Howard Lindzon said...

some great stuff lately. enjoying the mkt commentary and trades

OptionPundit said...


Very interesting articles specially the BRLC and AKAM. I played AKAM, AFFX and PMTI for earrings. So far this has been great months with all 4 wins on GOOG, MFLX etc.

By any chance do you plan to cover Mastercard? they are going to announce earnings on Friday BMO?

Cheers and profitable trading,

Jim K said...

Hey Howard, thanks.

Hi OP, will take a look. BMC looks interesting, check out yesterday's put volume.