Friday, July 6, 2007

Today's Option Report on Macy's and Target Options Report: Retailer Options Volume Surges

Speculation also remained rampant in (BIDU) calls and Apple (AAPL) as well with bullish bets outpacing the put side. Sampling of BIDU calls went all the way to the Aug 240 strike. I was skeptical the other day about the safety of jumping into the BIDU 200 calls, but they were up $5 today as the stock rallied by more than 12.

One option that I didn't get to mention that was interesting was the Abbott (ABT - Hey, Abbott!) July 55 calls where nearly 9,000 of them traded vs open interest of 4,651. Why are they expecting that ABT will jump more than $1 for the trade to be profitable before the calls expire in 2 weeks? Nearly 6k Aug 55's were traded as well, so some evidence that spreaders may have been work as well. We'll see if they'll be saying 'Hey, Abbott!' again next week.

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