Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Money's Best Places To Live

An interesting bunch of places, though I can't believe that Nanuet, NY made it to the top 25. Nanuet (pronounced Nan-you-ette) is just a few towns over from me. In it's description, Money Mag leaves out the average property taxes as N/A - how convenient. Property taxes are through the roof in Nanuet and in all towns in my county and really in all downstate counties in NY. $15,000 is low end taxes in this county for a decent sized house. I'd have to say that any town in NY state within 30 miles of NYC is undesirable unless you like high taxes and traffic congestion. New York state is fiscally a black hole and the exodus out of the state by both businesses and residents is alarming. The job market in NYC is largely what keeps folks tied to this area, but the first chance they get to leave -- they do, and in increasing numbers. One these days I will join them.

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