Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Great News For Merck - People are Dying from Both Avandia and Actos


The above pokes a cattle prod at Avandia once again (Glaxo SmithKline - GSK), and also Actos, manufactured by Japanese drug company Takeda.

The bad press surrounding Avandia has been a boon for Merck (MRK) and its new drug Januvia (which I thought was a planet inhabited by the Januvians -- a stout and flatulent orange haired race -- in the 1960's Star Trek series). The bad Actos and Avandia news could also be good for the maker of Byetta - Amilyn (AMLN).

This is serious stuff, actually. As a long time diabetic, I once took both Avandia and Actos and hated both the medications. I wonder if this is why I now take heart pills as well? Hmm, better jump into the class action lawsuit so I can collect my eventual settlement that will probably amount to no more than $1.65.

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